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Andy Lewis and the Slackline State of Consciousness | World of Adventure

Andy Lewis has held slackline world records which required a certain state of consciousness, but how did he do it?

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The Balloon Highline

You won't get much closer to Skylining than this! We left winter behind and headed to the sun to try and turn our latest dream into reality. With our friends from Globus Kon Tiki, we put up a line between 2 hot air balloons to try our first completely movable highline. All of the Skyliners team was excited to put their skills to the test on such an amazing line... Thanks to the talent of the pilots, we came really close... We'll be going back again very soon to make it happen - watch this space! Support our team by watching our feature documentary

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The SkyWalkers

The Nograd Magic Ep2 .. The highline team goes big in the US !!  A short scene about Théo Sanson and his recent highline record(500mts), the Fruitbowl Highline festival ..  Starring : Théo Sanson, Mimi Guesdon, Andy Lewis & more  Edit & Footage : Etienne Tafary/ Tchaloproductions Additional footage : François Riffet & Fab Clavel  Music by Senbeï , tracks : Dreudon  Special thanks to : Andy Lewis & friends, Nograd, Valandré , Andrea Boldrini ,

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ACROSS THE SKY - a world record slackline in the utah desert

On November 15, 2015 Théo Sanson walked nearly 500 meters on a slackline rigged from The Rectory to Castleton Tower in Castle Valley, Utah - likely a new world record. Rigging the line is perhaps as significant a feat as walking it. The team included: Andy Lewis Brent Cain Aleta Edinger Sylvan Slacks Scott Rogers Brian Mosbaugh Homer Manson Ryan Sorg Thibault Arrappiccatu Mathieu Pertus Crack Mouse Sara Sorg Guillaume Rolland Antony Newton Mimi Guesdon Filmed and Edited by Tim Kemple, Renan Ozturk and Anson Fogel // Camp4 Collective (.com) Music by Ennio Morricone from The Good The Bad and The Ugly, 1966

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World First: Melissa Andrzejewski, Sketchy Andy Lewis, & Jimmy Fitzpatrick take the Desert!

Aerobatic pilot Melissa Andrzejewski flies under highliner Sketchy Andy Lewis and freestyle motocross legend Jimmy Fitzpatrick in a first of it's kind aviation stunt.

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Slacklining, Fire & Ice - 4K Click the link above if you would like to see and help create more non-sponsored videos like this in the future! Watch the behind the scenes in the link below: Super thanks to the amazing athletes that helped make this happen. Here's the athletes it featured. Andy Lewis Mickey Wilson Alex Mason Canyon Cain Slyvan Slacks Purple McMullen-Laird Eric Hake You can book Mickey Wilson, one of the main slack liners for shows, by contacting him below: Super thanks to the Ice Castles for letting us film there. We filmed this after their season was at an end, so usually the Ice Castles are much bigger. Here's a link to their website, they have several places around North America that you can visit during the winter time. Also thanks to Creighton Baird for helping make this happen as well. Film by Teamsupertramp Directed/Filmed by Devin Graham Produced by Seth Jones and Andy Lewis Edited in Adobe Premiere by Tyson Henderson Music By Trevor DeMaere - Go Without Fear feat. David Mirga Download the song in iTunes here: Trevor DeMaere Youtube: Trevor DeMaere Bandcamp David Mirga (singer) Make sure to follow me on instagram, facebook, twitter, and vine, it's the cool thing to do these days :) It's also where I let people know how to be involved in my videos. For business inquiries ONLY, contact me here:

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Slackline World Cup Munich - Trickline Champions

The world's best trickline athletes presenting their skills on the slackline Filmed, edited & produced by Danny Strasser music by GRAN NOIR WARNING! This video is copyright protected - any copyright violation will be legally prosecuted!

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