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Top 10 Extreme Sports | BEST OF THE WEEK | 2017 n°12 - Riders Match

1 / PARKOUR/ StorrorBlog - ROOF CULTURE ASIA - Official Theatrical Trailer 2/ MTB / Red Bull - The First Ever Backflip Superman One Hand Seatgrab | Szymon Godziek's Extension Man 3/ BODYBOARD / Bodyboard Xtreme - BodyboardTahiti | Manea Fabish Profile 4/ WAKE AND SURF FOIL / Horue Movie - Wake Park Foil Surfing | Hydrofoil - Horue Movie / Wakeboard and Surf foil 5/ PARKOUR AND BODY TRAINING / Dominik Sky - BEST OF DOMINIK SKY - Free running Calisthenics compilation! 6/ SKI / Line Skis - The 2018 Tom Wallisch Pro -- The Award-Winning Freestyle Ski from Tom and LINE 7/ WINDSURF / NeilPryde Wind - NeilPryde 2018 Collection 8/ WAKEBOARD / slingshot sports - Aaron Gunn at Home - 2017 9/ SKATE / cOLLAPSe skateboards - cOLLAPSe Bro'Pool Party ! 10/ KITESURF / Cabrinha Kitesurfing - 2018 Product Shoot - THE MOVIE (Cabrinha Kitesurfing 2018)

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NeilPryde 2018 Collection

We all have individual ambitions — whether it’s planing for the first time, beating a friend to the buoy or winning a World Championship. Each of us defines our own goals and success but we are all connected by a unifying sense of victory. At NeilPryde, our mission is to inspire you in your own personal achievement, and to provide you with the best equipment to attain it. We understand winning in the water—about combining cutting edge designs with high performance materials. If we can’t find something we need, then we’ll invent it. This year, we usher in a whole new level of performance by reinventing how a sail is made. Take a look, and find your own win — whatever that may be. We only play to win.

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La Torche PWA Grand Slam 2016 - Official Teaser

Start preparing for what is expected to be one of the most dramatic events of the year!

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2015 blew gales in Luderitz, Namibia and the speed sailors, kiters and windsurfers, had the time of their lives! The absolute beauty of Luderitz, combined with an unbelievable speed canal, gave riders like Antoine Albeau, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Sebastien Cattelan and many others, the opportunity to lay it all on the line, resulting in New world records, National records... and a whole lot of fun!

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Robert Teriitehau, Canal+

Robert Teriitehau, one of the best watermen in the world !

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Antoine Albeau-FRA: New World Record with 53.27 kts

Today, 02 November 2015, the wind has been much stronger than predicted and the angle has been better to be able to sail in a multiple performance speed channel with flatter water surface. We began the day with 25-30 knots average wind speed starting the race at 12.30. From 2pm, the wind suddenly starting to increase and strongly, reaching more than 50knots in the gusts. Sand was flying and sailing down the channel started to be really challenging due to the strong sand blasts. After a couple of runs over 50 knots, Antoine Albeau who achieved 51.66 kts 2 days ago was determined to beat his World Record ;set at the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge: 52.05 kts. Antoine Albeau started to go over 51 knots and was joined by Patrik Diethelm- ITA. Just 15 minutes later, Antoine Albeau broke his world record, for the first time, achieving 52.41 kts! Then he never stopped - and broke it 5 times: 52.50 kts - 52.76 kts - 53.1 knots and then the actual World Record which now stands at a highly impressive 53.27 kts. ANTOINE ALBEAU today: 32 runs total - 13 runs over 52 knots - 4 runs over 53 knots – amazing! The LUDERITZ SPEED CHANNEL, masterminded by Sebastien Cattelan, twice World Record Holder in Kitesurfing, is the true diamond of this event. He has proven to all in the world speed sailing fraternity, yet again, that his original well engineered channel (& perfect spot), combined with the famous winds of Lüderitz; smashes world and national records and takes once average speed performances to much higher levels.

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2015 Davidoff World Cup Sylt.

The  World Cup Sylt is one of the biggest and longest running windsurfing events on the planet. Featuring all of the three main disciplines, 200,000 spectators on the beach, and some of the most extreme conditions The Sylt World Cup is one not to be missed. Organizer's website:

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The Luderitz Speed Challenge 2015 Trailer

The Luderitz Speed Challenge has become synonymous with World Records and amazing times... as competitors from around the globe, the best windsurfers and kite surfers go head to head to become the fastest sailor in the world.

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