Loaded Boards | Los Pobladores with Ari Chamasmany

Los Angeles is right in our backyard and we're happy to present our first video really featuring downtown LA from the point of view of a local longboarder, Ari Chamasmany. We really did not show the clean parts of downtown in this video but rather a very grungy, slightly dirty, and colorful arts district of LA with Ari ripping the Fattail. You may recognize Ari from the "Swirling Samas" video; he has a very unique dance style that is very entertaining to watch. What is impressive is that he can still bust out intricate footwork moves on a smaller, more sensitive board like the Fattail. Stoked to present this video to you all. It has a very "Sunny Side Up" feel with fast cuts of B-Roll on the beats. We focused on doing a lot of follow shots to create a dynamic vibe with lots of movement and action. I had fun playing around with city sound effects for this video. Adam S. killed it with the filming, and Ari jammed on his board. Music Artist - Amsterdam Klezmer Band Song - Terk remix by Peter Millenaar SET UP- Loaded Fat Tail Flex 1, Paris 150mm trucks, Otang 83a Stims

3:59 16 270,057