A day at one of the world's best lefts with Marc Lacomare, Alain Riou & Aritz Aranburu.Song- Mt Eden Dubstep - Sierra LeoneShot & Edited- Jimmy Graham/FMGAdditional Footage- Jason Hearn

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Marc Lacomare and team DC in Costa Rica

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Africa Surf Trip (

More infos at day at one of the world's best lefts with Marc Lacomare, Alain Riou & Aritz Aranburu.Song - Mt Eden Dubstep - Sierra LeoneShot & Edited - Jimmy GrahamAdditional Footage - Jason Hearn

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Moments - Free Quiksilver Surf Movie!

Moments is the 2011 Quiksilver Surf Team Movie starring Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Jeremy Flores, Clay Marzo and Kelly Slater and featuring Mark Healey, Mikey Wright, Reef McIntosh, Ry Craike, Fred Patacchia, Dede Suryana, Leonardo Fioravanti, Jack Robinson, Kanoa Igarashi, Miky Picon, Aritz Aranburu, Matt Banting, Alain Riou. More at

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Incroyable vidéo des fameux tubes de Namibia.---A film by Jon Aspuru (@jonbakio) starring Natxo Gonzalez (@natxogonzalez1) , Aritz Aranburu (@aritzaranburu) and Adrian Fernandez de Valderrama (@adrofernandez).No need for a lot of words here really: Simply Skeleton Bay at its heaviest.

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SURF l Gros Barrels Hossegor l Ride De La Semaine

Hossegor, plage de la Gravière avec près de 2m50 de houle. De gros barrels pour les quelques riders pro présents. X-Treme Video en Français ici: : Dimitri Ouvre, Marc Lacomare, Justine Dupont, Miky Picon, Romain Laulhé, Aritz Aranburu, Hodei Collazo,ProductionXTREME VIDEO Filmed & Edited Michael Darrigade / Jimmy Thirion Music RITUAL Gareth Johnson /Chris Buss Audio Network

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SURFER - Skeleton Bay

European surfers Aritz Aranburu, Joan Duru, and Marc Lacomare migrate to Africa for the longest left barrels of their lives. See more of their journey in our March issue!

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Reef Road | MyRoad Series II

Reef Road, from the original MYROAD SERIES.A fictional documentary on Nic Von Rupp's latest surf expeditions.A film by Dinis&Gustavo, directed by Gustavo Imigrante.Featuring Nic Von Rupp, Matahi Drollet, Marco Giorgio, Aritz Aranburu, Leo Fioravanti, Indar UnanueA film presented by Hurley and Monster Energy

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