Florianopolis, BR


The pit house

The video "The pit house" brings images of the local guys crashing on Ingleses beach in Florianopolis , central coast of the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil . This is a famous resort that welcomes thousands of tourists in the summer months . The Zinga is a beach where many people are unaware of the potential and the quality of its waves , is a spot that offers several ditches throughout its long beach and in the days that fit the swell and the wind comes from the right direction , the waves form with excellent conditions . The video "The pit house" , shows the spot breaking one of those days that recall the surf is stored in our memory .CAST VIDEO - Fernando Neves , Pyettro Maia , André Martins , Barthon Nathan , Rodrigo Carrasco Petters , Thiago Coelho , Douglas Kosloski , Lucas Dantas , Victor .

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Line up

The northern part of the island of Santa Catarina possesses beaches with excellent conditions and peaks for surfing options , is a place that gives good wave all year . September to November with the ripples from the east or northeast, daydreams make the head of the local crowd , many peaks awaken on your countertops . In the video "Line up " brings us exclusive footage of some days where the sea broke gala in the north of the island and made ​​the head of many people. EDITING AND IMAGES : Artur Dobairrol . TRACK : Wye Oak - Civilian . PRODUCTION : Dobairrol Sports and Movies .

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