Oberaudorf, DE



35 years old

Checking Bernhard “Bernie” Hinterberger’s list of best results gives you just a hint of the impact he has had on his sport. For just over 10 years Bernie has been at the forefront of professional wakeboarding, and he’s nowhere done yet. He is still scouring the world, riding everyday, hitting the Thai Wake Park, or Florida, or Australia, when not at home in Hamburg. He is still learning, still at the vanguard and still being inspired by his the places he goes and the people he meets. The three-times world champion and 2006 World Athlete of the Year is also giving back to the sport that he has pushed, promoted and progressed like few others. As Billabong wake team coordinator, he is ushering in new stars like Fredy von Osten and Szebasztian Szolath, mentoring a whole new generation of talent.


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