EDIT 2015

Filming and editing by ROUKAS PRODUCT

2:40 12 674


Béryl Besseau-Student match

Nervous Breakdown Family La CoUrance Beach Edit by Roukas.

3:46 28 433


Béryl Besseau skimboardng - spring 2014

Here is a little view of béryl's sessions this spirng. Only filmed on 5 sess appro. Sponsored by Cira skimboards, Nuts tractions and HSS

2:15 2 127


Béryl Besseau skimboard -Season 2013

Mix of competitions footages of 2013. Finally placed 2d on all the french cup, 2d of all french ranking and have a victory in hossegor in sub18. supported by Cira skimboards, HS skimboards, Nuts Traction.

3:27 1 40


Sri Lanka skimboard Béryl Besseau

Petit edit de Béryl Besseau ( 15 ans ) au sri lanka. Supported by HSskimboards

4:06 6 1,462


Béryl Besseau skimboard in Portugal

This is the trip of Béryl Besseau, 16, from France to Santa cruz. Obrigado portugues skimboarders. Supported by HS SKIMBAORDS

4:30 1 35


Béryl Besseau la Courance paradise skimboard- TEASER-

Vidéo représentant un an de ride sur le spot de la courance (44). Spot mythique du skim français. Riders : Béryl Besseau, Steven Jolly. Vidéo complète à la fin de l'année. Cira skimboards, HSskimboards, Nuts traction. copyright HSSprod 2013

1:02 1 41