Stomping the World's First Quadruple Cork | Xtreme CollXtion

Billy Morgan stomps the world's first quadruple cork on one of the best jumps he's ever hit in his life.

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How Billy Morgan Stomped the World's First Quad Cork

For those struggling to get their brain around the trick, a Quad Cork 1800 is shred shorthand for a jump containing four off axis flips and five full rotations. UK mad man Billy Morgan flipped himself into the history books with one of the most acrobatic and impressive tricks ever landed on a snowboard. Take a behind the scenes look at how Billy stomped himself a "world's first".  

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Base jump

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Billy Morgan - World First Backside Quadruple Cork 2015

Billy Morgan lands first-ever snowboard Quad Cork! The UK rider writes a new chapter in snowboard history by landing a backside 1800° quadruple cork. As the level of progression in freestyle snowboarding continues to evolve at a crazy rate, the race to stomp the first quadruple cork has unofficially been on all year… and UK rider Billy Morgan just crossed the line, landing a Backside 1800° Quadruple Cork in Livigno, Italy.

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Sarka Pancochova, Celia Miller, Tim Kevin Ravnjak & Billy Morgan went to Bursa, Turkey to visit the Uludag Snowpark.

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NEW FLOW MOVIE - Exploring Mount Uludag Teaser

Flow took his riders Tim Kevin Ravnjak, Billy Morgan, Sarka Pancochova and Celia Miller to Turkey to shoot a movie that promise to be really good.

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