Mystic Boujmaa Guiloul triple forward

Earlier this year, Mystic windsurfing team rider Boujmaa Guilloul (Essaouira, Morocco) attempted a triple forward loop during a session at Ho'okipa on the North Shore of Maui, Hawaii. He crashed bad, really bad. And here's his what he has got to say about that, two months after it happened. Grab your Mystic gear at:

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My mektub took me to the perfect places I needed to be at.. Here is an other short edit of couple session in Boiler and Anchor point early this month, pretty happy I got back in one piece and thanks to my friends Soufian, Fettah Erik, Raiss Ladune and Rachid for taking part in most of this trips.

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Best of Aloha Classic 2015

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Robert Teriitehau, Canal+

Robert Teriitehau, one of the best watermen in the world !

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WELCOME TO 2015 - Mystic Team

Mystic Team is ready for the 2015 season

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