Bradley O'NEAL


Insane Motorcycle BASE Jump!!

(for licensing or use contact: Bradley O'Neal stars in the World's first natural terrain free-ride MotoBASE jump!! Date: March 2, 2017 Location: Cainville, UT Bradley... "I chose this location because its an iconic Freeride location that has been featured in all my favorite dirt bike movies growing up. It's almost like an alien built it specifically for this stunt. People always ask what it feels like to do one of these MotoBASE jumps and the best way I can describe it is it feels like riding an insane rollercoaster that never got finished and you just blast off into the ether. It is a unique feeling as far as BASE jumping goes because it's the only time I have ever felt a double gut drop during a BASE jump. You get the catapult feeling going up. Then you get a strange zero gravity feeling at the Apex that transitions into another gut drop. Almost like a really fun living nightmare. ✌👽" Special thanks to everyone involved with this video... Apex BASE Ray ONeal Chase Bradshaw Miranda Andre Cody Irby Landon Dirnberger Matt Frohlich Matt Laj Brian Muller Check out more on Bradley O'Neal: produced edited by Negative4 - contact:

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