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The crew headed up North to visit Shawn McIntosh for his annual jam in Grants Pass, OR. The jam went great! But the street riding didn't. After basically getting escorted out of the city we decided to try our luck in Portland. 

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BMX - #TUESDAYSATTIP 4 with Stevie Churchill, Sean Ricany, Brandon Begin

TIP Plus are switching it up a little bit for this week's TUESDAYSATTIP. Instead of swarming the TIP Plus ramps like was done in the first 3 episodes, this time around we've got Stevie Churchill, Brandon Begin, Sean Ricany and Reed Stark at the Diamond Plaza busting out roughly 2 minutes of hard to believe BMX trickery. Miles Rogoish manned the lens. Enjoy

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FIT BIKES ARIZONA ROAD TRIP with Brandon Begin, Morgan Long, Justin Spriet and Jordan Hango

FIT BIKES ARIZONA ROAD TRIP with Brandon Begin, Morgan Long, Justin Spriet & Jordan Hango. Subscribe: Today we are very happy to announce that 4 genuine g’s have been elevated to the Fit pro ranks: “Well, it’s official, Brandon Begin, Jordan Hango, Morgan Long and Justin Spriet have been bumped and the Fit Pro Team just got a little “heavier.” Hango and Spriet’s standout sections in Holy Fit, Begin’s unique brand of street and Long’s dedication and originality are just a few reasons why the foursome now sit alongside Tom Dugan, Ben Lewis, Shawn McIntosh and Dan Conway as the new era of Fit. Still holding it down for us in a big way 15 years in are FBC Legends Van Homan, Brain Foster, Mike Aitken and Justin Inman. We sent the squad to Arizona a couple weeks ago to film a “Welcome to the Team” edit that can be enjoyed on Good dudes, good moves, good times.”

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BMX Riders grinds close to a Gas Station

Brandon Begin, Stevie Churchill and other riders grinds close to a gas station

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WELCOME VIDEO - Brandon Begin, Jordan Hango, Morgan Long and Justin Spriet for Fitbikeco

Check out the awesome welcoming BMX video of Brandon Begin, Jordan Hango, Morgan Long and Justin Spriet for Fitbikeco!

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BMX riders are exploring the streets, searching good spots and doing awesome tricks.

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BMX at Los Angeless only public indoor skatepark

The TCU BMX crew met up at Skate House, Los Angeles's only public indoor skatepark and killed it. Stevie Churchill, Brandon Begin, Scott Marceau, Alfredo Mancuso, Dylan Stark, Chris Bracamonte, Xavier Wulf and Caleb Quanbeck met up at Skate House, LA's only indoor public skatepark and had a dope session. Filmed by John Hicks, David Grant and Scott Marceau

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Game Of Bike Stevie Churchill, Brandon Begin & Caleb Quanbeck

The other day we were out riding in San Diego with our usual crew plus Chad Kerley. One thing about riding with Chad is that there is a very, very good chance that when he shows up at a spot, there will soon be at least a few BMX riders who somehow track him down. This was no exception; within a few minutes of showing up at this school, there were close to a dozen other BMX riders on hand, all of whom were pretty astonished to see a bunch of pros riding their local hang out. As is often the case when you're hanging out with younger riders, talk of a Game Of BIKE soon arose and at least on this day, the guys seemed open to the idea. So while Chad filmed an absurdly technical line on the other side of the school with John Hicks for an upcoming TCU Exclusive, I filmed a game between 3 of the filthiest white boys you will ever meet. In exchange for their compliance, I bought them Panda Express.

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