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Top 10 Extreme Sports | BEST OF THE WEEK | 2017 n°8 - Riders Match

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Pedro’s Bay

What is the legend of the enchanted Pedro's Bay? A secret whispered from one to the next. Somewhere on an island far, far away is a parallel life on a forgotten beach—with emerald waves and mushroom forests. Where toucans talk and trees grow full of fruit. Where wine trickles off rocks and mermaid lagoons meet black jungles. The sun shines here everyday. What is the power behind this strange book? Where is Pedro’s Bay? Can this magical Earth potion possibly exist? Join one brave traveler as he sets out on an extraordinary journey to discover the holy grail of paradise.

Mountain bike

TOP 10 n°26 : Stacy Kohut is pushing his physical limits to tame the mountain !

Enjoy our TOP 10 n°26 : 1/ Stacy Kohut- Whistler Routes of 99 Episode 4 - Chris RICCI - MTB 2/ 40OZ OF FIRE - Kyle Martin - Landyachtz - Longskate 3/ SLEZHAMMER - Ondra Slez - BMX 4/ WORLD FIRST - FMX brother and sister tandem - Nitro Circus - FMX 5 /Magic Carpet - Vissla - Surf 6/ 0-100 Mogul Skiing avec Sun - Troy TULLY - Ski 7/ Le SPOT BMX GAMES 2015 - LE SPOT BMX GAMES 2015 - BMX 8/ Ståle Sandbech - LAAX Switzerland - Station to Station - Line 9 - Snowboard 9/ MY TUESDAY IN HAWAII - GABRIEL GIRARDIN - Damien GIRARDIN - Surf / Skate 10/ ICE CLIMBING AT NIGHT - Mammut - Climbing

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Magic Carpet

Vissla Creator & Innovator Bryce Young takes us on a magic carpet ride on his Alaia back home in Angourie, NSW.

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