PARKOUR 2017 (TOP 10)

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Top 10 Extreme Sports | BEST OF THE WEEK | 2017 n°1 - Riders Match - Enjoy our First Top Ten of 2017 ! Surf, Skate, Snow, Hydrofoil, MTB, SUP Surfing, Parkour, Truck ... The best of action sports is on 1/ Red Bull : Russian Kamaz Truck Sends a Snow Jump 2/ Thrasher Magazine : New Balance's "Solo Brasileiro" 3/ Calen Chan : POV Full Run - China Skyladder Comp 4/ Julien Turpaud : ILLOGICAL 5/ GoPro : Travis Rice's Dream Line with Karma Grip in 4K 6/ Horue Movie : The Hole - Self propelled foil board 7/ Benoit Carpentier : Out Of France #3 Indonesia 8/ Lucky Boy : Chapitre 5 : Team Lucky Boy 9/ RadCow : 3 Wheels and No Brakes 10/ Outside TV : Surfing With Pets - In the Zone Best action sport videos now on !  Subscribe to Riders Match !  YouTube : Facebook :‬ Instagram : Twitter :!/ridersmatch‬ Google + :

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POV Full Run - WORLD'S LARGEST PARKOUR COURSE (China Skyladder Comp)

My name is Calen Chan, and this is a FULL POV RUN of the Skyladder Parkour course at Tianman Mountain in China! I had the wonderful opportunity to come and play here at this beautiful location called Heaven's Gate. It has an average incline of 45 degrees, and is 999 steps long (about 3 football fields)! Obviously this was difficult, and I physically couldn't sprint down the entire path of deadly drops without slowing down, but I did my best! I am the only person to do the whole thing with a GoPro in my mouth, so please help a guy out and give it a share! ;) Follow me on Instagram @calen_chan! Like me on Facebook!

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City Snow Flows | YGT Freerunning

Shop YGT Apparel: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Filmed by Austin Farmer: Song: The Geek x Vrv - If You Want Her

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Calen Chan - Best Parkour and Freerunning of 2016

It's now 2017!!! What a year it has been! I've had so much success in such a short amount of time. Here's some of the best footage I pulled together from my Freerunning outside in 2016. If I included gym stuff, it would be crazy because of tricks like kong double gainer and other big tricks and lines, but that would make this video WAY too long, so I'll put them in another video soon! I just want to say thanks to everyone for believing in me, and driving me to be the best person I can be! I want to thank my friends and family for supporting me, and I want to thank Heavenly Father for these amazing talents and opportunities He has provided for me. Thank you Devin Graham for bringing me into the Supertramp loop, and thank you Red Bull judges for choosing me to compete in Art of Motion this year! You guys are amazing, and I hope to make this year even better! :) For private lessons and other business inquiries, contact me at Follow me on Instagram! @calen_chan Like me on Facebook!

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