Puerto Escondido July 12th

Puerto Escondido July 12th and 13th

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Dispatch from Mexico

“Dispatch from Mexico” is a mix of images that tell my long journey through the Southern Pacific coast of Mexico, the State of Oaxaca and Chiapas. I often travelled by bus, captivated by the deep roots of these areas, from places of worship and crowded squares to the wild nature, combining my passion for big waves. Directed - Eugenio Barcelloni Additional footage - Lorenzo Marzocca Surf footage - Nel Nimadres Project Drone - Nils Astrologo Surf - Eugenio Barcelloni, Coco Nogales, Oscar Moncada Music - Koudlam Sound Design - Studio Orbita

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The original Mexican big wave charger: Carlos "Coco" Nogales

Puerto Escondido is often referred to as the Mexican Pipeline, and that claim is 100% legit. The Mainland Mex beachbreak is known for producing cavernous tubes, and the big days separate the men from the mad men. Carlos "Coco" Nogales falls into the latter category. Meet Mexican big wave surfer - and national legend - Carlos "Coco" Nogales.

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