Charlotte CONSORTI

Montpellier, FR



Boa Vista Kitesurf Paradise, episode 12

Direction le Cap Vert et l’île de Boa Vista pour ce douzième épisode des Kitesurf Paradise. Deux semaines de roadtrip en 4X4 à la recherche des plus beaux spots. Nous vous avons sélectionné 3 coups de coeur: Praia da Chave sur la côte ouest, une immense plage avec de magnifiques vagues Baia das Gatas, une petite lagune extra flat pour le freestyle et enfin Ponta Antonia, une baie fermée et sécurisante parfaite pour le freestyle et le strapless. For this twelfth episode of the Kitesurf Paradise, let’s go in Cape Verde and more precisely Boa Vista Island. We spent two weeks overthere for a roadtrip in 4X4 and we look all-around the island for the most beautiful spots. We selected for you our 3 favorites: Praia da Chave on the west coast, a long beach with beautiful waves Baia das Gatas, a small extra flat lagoon for freestyle and finally Ponta Antonia, a closed and reassuring bay , perfect for freestyle and strapless. Music: Power to progress/ Loveday Love Whispers/ Auger Thanks to Look Voyages

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Turks and Caicos Kitesurf Paradise

Episode 10

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Cuba Kitesurf Paradise - Charlotte Consorti

For the episode 8 of my Kitesurf Paradise I test a little island on the east coast of Cuba: Cayo Guillermo. It's the perfect place if you want to kite in front of your hotel. You can just pump your kites in front of your room and then jump in the blue lagoon! If you want a flat spot you just have to go behind in the mangrove.

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