Chelsea TUACH




22 years old

1.65 m

Chelsea grew up on the idyllic South Coast of Barbados, learning to surf when she was 7 years old at local break called ‘Freights’. Inspired to take to the surf by two older brothers, both national champions and members of the Barbados junior surf team, Chelsea was soon overtaking her brothers’ achievements. At the age of 10, Chelsea became the youngest member of the Barbados surf team and now is one of the most decorated professional athletes from the island nation.

Relocating to San Clemente when she was 16 allowed Chelsea the opportunity to improve her technique while surfing top quality waves along the Californian coastline.

With her 2015 WQS win at the Pantin Classic securing her spot on the 2016 Women’s Championship Tour, Chelsea will no doubt be a fresh face to watch in 2016.


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