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A video about CK

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45 Gallons of Fun with CK Koester - Wakeboard

45 Gallons Of Fun is a brand new video series from Liverpool Wake Park. The idea is to push riders to create unique setups and hit features they have never seen before. Liverpool Wake Park provides the wake park, all their normal features plus a whole load of props, including 45 gallon oil barrels, a missile, pipes, rails, etc. The riders come to the park and create fun and unique features and film a video edit. While the riders are there they will also ride and coach at a Friday Night Jam with Liverpool's local riders and members. It is a fun series designed to progress the sport and test riders imagination and ability! There is no real prize, just the feeling of doing something new, different and fun. Liverpool Wake Park officially invites pro riders and teams to come up and see what they can make. More videos from Liverpool Wake Park here:

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Teaser JOBE-Store 360 Wakeboard video Contest

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Pipe session with CK Koester & Matt Crowhuest - Wakeboard

"Team OBrien and Neff riders, CK Koester and Matt Crowhuest have every reason to be sessioning the new for 2013 Unit Parktech quarter pipe at Liquid Leisure. The fact that it's been well over a year for Matt, that this is the only such obstacle in the south, it's the new an improved shape by Unit. Oh and there's a rather large contest coming to town on this thing as part of Liquids Plastic Playgrounds - King Of Vert! Aside from all of this and most important reason of all, it is so much fun. This is the boys dipping a toe so expect to see a whole lot more with their next session!

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