Dawn Till Dusk - Cody LaPlante

Wake up, skate, eat, ski, eat again, skate, ice cream, ping pong, dodgeball, 4-square, eat more, tramp, flip, night shoot, repeat. Join us as we follow RedBull ski athlete Cody LaPlante through the day in the life of a camper at Woodward Tahoe summer camp. 

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Freeskier Cody LaPlante Sessions an Abandoned Ghost Town

Unless you've been living deep beneath a hot, snowless rock this winter, you've likely either heard or experienced what has been a record-breaking year for snowfall in the United States. 15-year-old superstar skier Cody LaPlante took advantage of the weather patterns bringing roughly 17 feet of pow to his home mountains on the West Coast. Originally from Truckee, California, the opportunity to explore off-the-beaten-path settings has been one of LaPlante's top priorities this season.  After tracking snow patterns, LaPlante saw how covered Ghost Town in Bodie was and decided to travel the 13 miles via snowmobile into the abandoned Ghost Town. Assisted by a safety and State Parks team, LaPlante and the crew built a dream ski-park within the eerie buildings. Join the young prodigy skier as he shreds the Bodie State Historic Park ghost town during a record-breaking snow season! Thank you to Bodie State Historic Park for giving us special access!! Donate to help preserve the ghost town:

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