Prism Skate Co - PILGRIMS

Six travelers in pursuit of Mecca. No guiding voice, no hope for direction. We are Pilgrims and we share the same destination. Film/Edit: Jack Boston  Additional clips by the team Dig deeper at www.prismskateco.com

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Prism Skate Co - Nomads

Come winter the team ventures off the mainland in search of new roads, new friends, new adventures. Film/Edit: Jack Boston Stills/Follow Car: Thomas Flinchbaugh Dig deeper at www.prismskateco.com

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Caliber Truck Co. Featuring Cooper Darquea

We were long over due to shoot a part with Coop so we headed to Southern California to link up with him for a couple of days. Day one he took us into the San Bernadino valley and showed us a handful of gorgeous mountain runs. Day two we found out Coop had never been to Laguna so we headed down the coast and spent the day getting weird on some of California's sketchiest runs. Coop's iconic style matched with his unique lines makes him one of the most unpredictable and entertaining riders out there. Film/Edit: Jack Boston www.calibertruckco.com www.facebook.com/pages/CALIBER-TRUCK-CO/­­134157599955598 instagram.com/calibertrucks

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