Skate Copa Court /// Mexico City

Explore Mexico City with the team as they continue on the Skate Copa Court tour. From skating Daewon Song's Blackbird feature at the demo to hitting the streets with the team, this stop brought the entire skateboarding community together.  Featuring Daewon Song, Dennis Busenitz, Klaus Bohms, Silas Baxter-Neal and Jake Donnelly.

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Matix is proud to present the NINE–TO–FIVE series. An answer to the questions we’ve all asked ourselves one time or another. What do these dudes do all day? Where do they roll around? How did they get to where they are today? NINE–TO–FIVE seeks to answer these questions by taking you on a trip into the daily lives of our ambassadors. We start the series off with our longest running ambassador & co-founder, Daewon Song. An innovator and a legend who has helped shape the world of skateboarding into what it is today.

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Daewon Song Is the Best Skateboarder on Instagram: Reda for the World

Have you seen Daewon Song's instagram? No? You're crazy. The former Thrasher Skater of the Year does things on a board other pros wouldn't dream of. Our man and skate legend in his own right Giovanni Reda spent a day with Daewon for his new series REDA FOR THE WORLD. WATCH NEXT: Pick Up Ball with A$AP Twelvyy at Castle Hill Projects: Subscribe to VICE Sports here: Check out VICE Sports for more: Follow VICE Sports here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: More videos from the VICE network:

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Daewon Song goes hard !

When I first started skating my parents only bought me 1 board and it was stolen a few weeks later 😢 !! From that point I was on my own 😣 2wks later my friend Nick gave me an old board with one rusted truck and 3 bearings on it !! I was the happiest kid 😄!! This clip is dedicated to him 🙏🏽 #1truckandbearings ....I still think about how happy I was with an incomplete board knowing one day it'll have all its parts and I could skate again 😂🙏🏽! Thanks #instafamily for all your support and we can make anything work 👊🏽 ....#sorryforpreaching !! Repost from @sdae_ brand /SDĀ/ positive ! #andalebearings

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Classics: Daewon Song's "Round III" Part

With a career spanning the early '90s 'til present day, it's safe to say there will never be another quite like Daewon. This part is just one of many "classic" offerings from one of skateboarding's all-time greats.

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