La Naish Boxer 2017 présentée par Damien Girardin

En visite chez Naish à Maui, Erwan Jauffroy interroge Damien Girardin sur la nouvelle aile Naish 2017-18, la Boxer. Cette aile à une latte bénéficie du nouveau tissu Quad tex et se destine à la navigation vent léger ou soustoilé par exemple en foil, sans s'y limiter.

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Join the Movement | Naish Kiteboarding 2017

Naturally driven to shake things up, innovation is in our DNA and the 2017 season does not disappoint. The new line-up features Quad-Tex, the strongest canopy material ever made; function-rich Torque Control Systems; uber-intuitive kites; performance-enhanced boards and bindings so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them. We’re always asking “how high, how fast, how far . . .” and we feed that insatiable curiosity by pushing the boundaries. 2017 marks the next era in kiting. Are you ready to get on board?

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NKTV S03E04-Naish R&D

Research & Development takes time, passion, commitment…and lots of wind. What’s the recipe behind Naish’s high quality kiteboarding gear? Get behind the scenes as each member of the Naish R&D Dept. walks you through the making of the gear we all love to ride. Producer: Naish Director: Petole Prod - Riders: Damien Girardin, Lars Moltrup, Des Walsh, Kai Lenny, Robby Naish, Jesse Richman, Jalou Langeree Music: One Self / Bluebird - See more at __________________________________________________________________ Best extreme sports video contests now on! JOIN RIDERS MATCH : Facebook : Twitter :!/ridersmatch Google + :

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Damien Girardin - Naish Kite designer at Work in Maui - Hawaii

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Stand Up Paddle

Damien Girardin on his SUP 6'4''

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