Deep diving

The Passage (final scene) with Guillaume Néry

The Passage is a 52min documentary following World Champion Freediver in his exploration of Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Here is the final scene of the film, when Guillaume explores the magic of the Cenotes. Directed by Romain Dussaulx and Denis Lagrange With Guillaume Néry Underwater images by Denis Lagrange A production GRAND ANGLE The film is available on amazon. Search for the french title: La Traversée des Mondes.

3:54 10 173,213



UNDER THE WAVE The surfer is caught inside a barrel while surfing on a shallow reef. Pummeled beneath the power of the wave, flashing images bring the surfer back to reality and she rises to the surface. Director : Denis Lagrange Production : Starloo Media Producer : Stephane Martin Character : Aude Lionet-Chanfour Post production : Firm studio Music : Jabberwocky "Fog" Sound Design : Pure Sound Project SHORT FILM - NON COMMERCIAL PROJECT

2:21 10 693,283