MARKIT Crew 2017

MARKIT Crew 2017 / Subscribe to the DIG channel for more videos - Download the DIG BMX APP: DIG online store - One of the most stacked crews on the planet just got back together for another roadtrip and damn it's a good'n. Would you expect anything less from this lot!? Featuring Markit's Mike Jonas, Dennis Enarson (Haro / Demolition), Tyler Fernengel (Vans / Haro / Demolition), Christian Rigal (United / Demolition / etnies), Chad Kerley (Haro / Premium / Cinema / Dans Comp) and Ronnie Napolitan (Demolition). Visit our website for more BMX videos - ● Facebook - ● Instagram - ● Twitter -

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Dennis Enarson's Demolition Parts Parts Part

Dennis Enarson and good friend, Christian Rigal originally set out to make a quick lil promo video for Dennis' new Rig line of parts but ended up coming back with 6 minutes of bangers on just about everything rideable from SD to SF. There's not enough words that can describe how good Dennis is on a bike and how much control he has on dirt, street and ramps. Dennis' Rig line bars (out now), tires and cranks are fully designed and tested (thoroughly by the looks of this video) by Dennis himself. Watch now and be ready to get stoked.

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Dennis Enarson Haro SDv2

Dennis Enarson was born and raised in San Diego, California. Recently Dennis had the chance to move interstate and he couldn't do it. He stayed where he knows best and feels right.  His SDv2 signature Haro frame, fork and complete bike are out now and the main focus is strength.  Dennis filmed this video with close friend and filmmaker Christian Rigal throughout the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Malaga, and in the USA they hit San Francisco, Colorado, and Texas.  Titles by Kelly Bolton. 

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HARO SDv2 - Dennis Enarson

Dennis Enarson is riding with his SDv2 signature Haro frame, fork and complete bike


2015 Haro Complete Bikes

Our 2015 range is out now and includes the Downtown, Boulevard, Midway, Plaza and SDv2 Enarson model.  Thanks to Ryan Nyquist, Mike Gray, Jason Watts, Tyler Fernengel and Dennis Enason for the guest appearances.  Video by Cristian Rigal. Visit for more info, including our dealer locator.

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BMX - Take The Risk Haro In Malaysia

Dennis Enarson, Tyler Fernengel, Mike Gray, and Matthias Dandois head to Malaysia to have the time of their lives off and on the bike for Haro Bikes.

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