PARKOUR 2017 (TOP 10)

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DK | Red Bull Art Of Motion Submission | 2017

Yo my name is Dimitris Kyrsanidis aka DK, so this is my movement, worked hard for this video and definitely loved the journey. Link: http://onlinequalifier.redbullartofmo...There will be a backstage video from the making of soon, make sure to check it out when it goes live. Much love to all the freerunners out there! Have fun making your submissions ^_^-DKPS: HUGE THANKS to my friends : Mikel, Nick, Alan, Gaetanos, Mikroulis, Valo, Sotiris for their huge help!Follow me here:Facebook: @dimitris_dk_kyrsanidis

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Dimitris Dk' Kyrsanidis

After 7 months without uploading any official thing, this is my comeback !! Focused on originality, landings and creativity through difficulty. Thanks for Watching ! Please share if you liked it. :)  

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