BMX Jam: Dan's Comp Parking Lot Jam Highlights

In a parking lot next to corn field, quite literally, lies the headquarters of the biggest mailorder in BMX, Dan's Comp. And on this hot Saturday afternoon, they invited riders and locals from all over to their first-ever Parking Lot Jam. Ramps were built, hot dogs were boiled, people sweated, and good times were everywhere you looked. With a super loose format, Scott Towne gave away a bunch of cash via some mini best trick events such as the A-Game on the A-Frame and the 540pm 540 challenge, pulled a couple of audibles on others, and even was dope enough to give away prizes for the longest drive (ended up being over 500 miles from the North Michigan crew) out. Overall, besides the heat making everything soggy, it was a damn good time. Looking forward to next year...

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Dylan Mccauley is a goddamn boss! Check out his 2014 video, this thing goes hard. Subscribe: "This isn't Dylan's first exclusive here on TCU. Dylan hit me up a few weeks ago midst the Milwaukee winter to share his latest piece filmed during some necessary jaunts to Arizona and Nashville. Just like his previous edit Dylan tackles some monster setups and rails that I wouldn't look twice at. I'm psyched to see Dylan's happily floating backwards and enjoyed watching him half cab his way into the street. Abooya." - Dan  "Just wanted to share some real street riding. Thanks to everyone that gave me a place to stay this past year!" - Dylan

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