Deep diving

My life in thailande part I..Ma vie en thailande

Just enjoy and live a travel in thailand as if you were right beside us.  With the sister and all the familly...we will make a mess !!! Share it, like it, Lđź’•VE it Be craZZy, be happy, be Eddie -------------------------------------------------- CrĂ©dit : Find out more here Facebook.............. YouTube................ Instagram............. Vimeo...................

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Go fast...but not enaugh at toogoolawah AU

Throw back on one of my favorite place to skydive, between mountains and lakes with such a good vibe and awesome people...a place i would definitely recommend for your craZZy week-endsBy the way...always make sure you are not skydiving with someone 20 kg heavier than you or take a weight may never catch him if you do.Share it, like it, L💕VE itBe craZZy, be happy, be Eddie--------------------------------------------------Crédit : Find out more hereFacebook..............

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My life in vie a Bali...road trip story

Travel, friends, love and watersports.........hop on guys, i wanna take you to BaliShare it, like it, L💕VE it--------------------------------------------------Crédit : Find out more hereFacebook..............

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Horse riding

Horse 'n' classic : The everyday life in a polo farm

My final australian movie before to go to explore south america with you guys....just some good vibes i spent in a polo farm, just some simple moment with my all time favourite animal. 

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4way in Australia

love those moments, this one was my first 4 way in a star formation. It was cool and damn intense, come on board guys 

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Horse riding

Horse 'n' classic : Beethoven beach riding !!

It is just the air on your face or maybe the sound of the hooves on the fresh sand, u can't know but you feel this power in you blood taking you so far away...Like, share..comment...Be craZZy, be happy, be Eddie !!!--------------------------------------------------CrĂ©dit : Facebook..............

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Deep diving

A new rider has come

I could not imagine to say that one day but this is my daughter, she is incredible and i ll be there to push her to get to be the best in every thing : skydive, horsmanship, freediving....she will grow up as my first DolphyWing diver, the new generation, the future of this sport !!!my first advice to this new spirit : Don't follow rules...make them, be a hero, be a leader !!Dear followers, is that a story you want to follow ?How many hands up can i get for her if you want to follow her story ??------17/01/2017------J'aurai jamais cru dire ca mais c'est ma fille, elle est incroyable et je vais en faire un feu ardent assoifé d'aventure. Je vais lui apprendre a chuter, a gagner la confiance d'un cheval, a attendre des profondeurs mystique ou viennent jouer avec moi dauphins et otaries.Elle va devenir mon successeur et le futur de mon sport DolphywingPremier conseil a l'enfant qui vient de naitre : Ne suis pas les regles....sois celui qui les fait, sois un hero et un leader !!Es ce que c'est une histoire que vous aimeriez connaitre ?Voyons combien de mains se leve pour connaitre son histoire ??

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Horse riding

Be humble !!

To give on with a horse, there is a right way to follow. The only power you have is on your behavior... So let it go gentle, step by step, dont try to control but be accepted

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