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British inventor sets jet suit world record

This is the moment a British inventor set the first world speed record for "flying a body-controlled jet engine power suit".Richard Browning set the record over Lagoona Park in Reading on Thursday, November 9. He reached a speed of 32.02 mph (51.53 km/h) on his third and final timed attempt before dropping into the lake, according to the Guinness World Records.An adjudicator was on hand to verify the achievement and make sure that the speed was measured accurately over a minimum distance of…

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CUBA LIBRE - Jesse La Flair Freeruns Cuba

A few months ago #TMPST decided they needed to throw down in a country that has gone uncaptured and unexplored by the professional #freerunning and #Parkour world. A place where culture would be the highlight & where an athlete could pull inspiration from its colorful daily norms and upbeat inhabitants. Jesse La Flair's adaptability, mix of movement and playful positive energy was the perfect match for the streets of #Havana, and we are stoked to show you #Cuba through his eyes. Directed by Victor "Showtime" Lopez Edited by Jesse LaFlairTempest Freerunning Socials Clothing and Shoes: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Jesse La Flair's Socials Website:\ YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Video Credits Edited by Jesse LaFlair Shot by Victor Lopez & George Shunia Music by Kikiriki "La Dama Blanche 2" Cuba Feat Flaco Nunez & Rachel

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Mountain bike

Red Bull Rampage 2016 - Best Moments [Fail/crash/jump]

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Rogue Elements - Official Trailer

Since the dawn of time, everything that has lived and breathed on this planet has been subject to the whims of Mother Nature. The nature of an adventurer is inherently rogue; typically wild in character, subject to the fancy of their imagination. We are unequivocally drawn to nature’s rawest fury and deepest mysteries. These are the irreverent souls who pursue the edge.In the winter of 2017, the magnitude of winter's force was on full display. Telephone poll-snapping storms pounded the Wyoming landscape. Regions to the west, recently left arid and forgotten, were gifted with unprecedented accumulation. Blizzards in Europe buried towns in an instant before disappearing just as fast, leaving the lucky few who were there to wonder if it even happened. A Bolivian expedition found grace above 18,000 feet before the elements went rogue and the humans reluctantly heeded warnings from above.Join the TGR team as they embark on an adventure filled with fury and glory, and witness the unimaginable. Presented by REI.Music"Free Animal" by Foreign Airhttp://foreignair.netLink to more info on the film: to the TETON GRAVITY RESEARCH YouTube channel: on Facebook: on Instagram: on Twitter: the Store: site:

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Magenta's SF Hill Street Blues Magenta's newest promo video offering: Jimmy Lannon, Leo Valls, locals and friends hit the streets of San Francisco. Filmed and edited by Yoan Taillandier.

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Introducing Hurley Surf Club Coach, Sam Lamiroy.  Are you in the UK? Browse upcoming events and sign up for a session with Sam here:

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