Nitro Circus Presents Travis Pastrana's Action Figures [Official Trailer]

Less than a month away! Action Figures will be available for digital download on October 20. About Action Figures: Action Figures is the directorial debut of Travis Pastrana, Nitro Circus founder and 17-time X Game medalist, a film he wrote, directed, and produced alongside his best friends from the world of action sports and in association with Nitro Circus.   It is a first of a kind film by these modern day action heroes in which each athlete contributed to filming and editing their section of the film. Action Figures is an energy packed, high octane, wild ride of a film that is both an ode to the old school action sports videos and a bold step forward in filmmaking and extreme human performance. This is Travis Pastrana’s personal passion project in which he makes the dream stunts of his close friends become reality. It is one crazy ride with Travis at the wheel as his friends achieve multiple worlds’ firsts along the way.   These real life Action Figures will push their bodies and minds to conquer the impossible and ignite action sports entertainment. Cast and Crew: Travis Pastrana Josh Sheehan Thomas Pagès Trevor Jacob James Foster Dusty Wygle Aaron “Crum” Sauvage Erik Roner Rory Bushfield Jolene Van Vugt Tarah Gieger Emma McFerran Lyn-Z Pastrana Ethen Roberts Gavin Godfrey Tyler Roberts Brandon Schmidt Kurtis Downs Beaver Fleming Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham Chris Haffey Bruce Cook Street Bike Tommy Scotty Bob Cody Stauder Directed By: Travis Pastrana James Smith and friends Produced By: Nitro Circus

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Mountain bike

TOP 10 n°26 : Stacy Kohut is pushing his physical limits to tame the mountain !

Enjoy our TOP 10 n°26 : 1/ Stacy Kohut- Whistler Routes of 99 Episode 4 - Chris RICCI - MTB 2/ 40OZ OF FIRE - Kyle Martin - Landyachtz - Longskate 3/ SLEZHAMMER - Ondra Slez - BMX 4/ WORLD FIRST - FMX brother and sister tandem - Nitro Circus - FMX 5 /Magic Carpet - Vissla - Surf 6/ 0-100 Mogul Skiing avec Sun - Troy TULLY - Ski 7/ Le SPOT BMX GAMES 2015 - LE SPOT BMX GAMES 2015 - BMX 8/ Ståle Sandbech - LAAX Switzerland - Station to Station - Line 9 - Snowboard 9/ MY TUESDAY IN HAWAII - GABRIEL GIRARDIN - Damien GIRARDIN - Surf / Skate 10/ ICE CLIMBING AT NIGHT - Mammut - Climbing

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WORLD FIRST - FMX brother and sister tandem

Nitro Circus must be the craziest riders of the world! For the first time in the world, Emma McFerran and her brother Matty made up a FMX tandem show.

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