Some footage from last trip in El Hierro - Canary IslandsThis island is a paradise for flying, hiking, biking, enjoying... Life is cheap, people are great and very welcoming. Except very windy days, whatever is the wind direction, there is somewhere to fly, climates are changing every 1km of travelling, making it super rich for sightseeing. As every island weather, you could also be unlucky, but from february, going there a few weeks will mean a lot of training time ;-)Sabinosa, once you understand how to manage the dangers of this spot, is a perfect place for acro training. During a good day there, you can except up to 10 runs of 2m30+ per hour, which is actually the best efficiency I met until now (a low day would be 1min run, and super good 3min30s). The box is safe and the logistic super simple (organya style, low take-off, next to the car).Places : Dos Hermanas - Sabinosa - Tacoron - La FronteraPilots : Ondrej Prochaska & Eric VarletFilming : GoPro3, GoPro4, DJI Osmo and Samsung phone (Special thanks to Ondrej for the "super fookage" !)Music : La Fine Equipe - Cheese Naan feat Fakear

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