BeachBusiness made in Kite&Connect

​Déjà 2ans que le concept de #beachbusiness s'impose lors de Kite&Camps et de nombreuses soirées networking. L'essayer c'est l'adopter! 💻

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Teaser Rip in Mauritius

Documentaire de 26 mn sur la découverte des spots de Kite et des paysages de L'ile Maurice avec Etienne Lhote et Harold Quinquis. Un film de Nicolas SALET Dispo en ce moment dans les kiosques dans KiteSurf Magazine Infos : ou Pour les zics, je vous invite a visiter les sites des artistes qui ont collaboré au film : Bonne écoute et acheter leur cd c'est pas une major qui subventionne leurs talents.

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BAGUS - Making of Indonesia

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F-ONE NEXT GENERATION Camp 2014 in Tarifa !

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Paradise is often pictured as a deserted tropical island, a private and mysterious place that exudes comfort and warmth. Every kitesurfer dreams of coconut trees, blue lagoons, sunshine and a warm breeze. Except, we've landed on a completely different island: Iceland. We thought there would be just as much to discover on this remote island as there is on the deserted and exotic beaches you see on postcards. We were looking for thrills and wanted to reconnect with the feelings of our beginnings, feel that pure pleasure again that only kitesurfing can bring. Travelling far to the North, getting out of our comfort zone, and exploring new lands with a truck full of equipment seemed like the perfect ingredients for an adventure. We found a very different paradise. ATHLETES: Pauline VALESA / David TONIJUAN / Mallory DE LA VILLEMARQUE / Camille DELANNOY / Etienne LHOTE. CINEMATOGRAPHY/EDIT: Olivier SAUTET from PETOLE PROD. PHOTOGRAPHY: Robin CHRISTOL MUSICS: REID WILLIS – FORZA HORIZON 2 THE BLACK KEYS – LITTLE BLACK SUBMARINES BLACK ANGELS – MISSION DISTRICT RADIOHEAD – YOU AND WHOSE ARMY M.I.L.K – IF WE WANT TO SOUND EFFECTS: FREESOUND.ORG

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F-One - Kitesurf New Generation

Etienne Lhote was training young riders in mediterranean sea in last april, just before the event of EJKC at Saint Pierre la mer Filmed and edited by Muriel Vandenbempt Produced by Vent de Breizh

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F-One Kiteboarding - Addikt II

Shot in Madagascar in the summer of 2008, this is F-one Kiteboarding movie, Addikt 2! Feature the F-One pro riders: - Raphael Salles - Etienne Lhote - Micka Fernandez - Pauline Boussard - Eli Zarka - Mitu Monteiro More infos on: More infos on:

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