8 year old Evan Doherty lands 720 on vert!

Here is 8 year old skateboarder Evan Doherty, also know as "big E", landing the 720 on a vert ramp. Making him the youngest EVER to land a 720 on a skateboard! He is one psyched little guy...a 540, McTwist, and a 720 all in one summer! 2011 Skate video coming soon...Evan Doherty and Edited by Joseph Pollockhttp://www.JosephPollock.com

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Evan Doherty "Big E" youngest to date to land full Pull on Mega Ramp

Evan Doherty, the "Big E" lands a full pull- rolling from the top of the Mega Ramp at Woodward West. He is the youngest to date to do so - just turning 9 on Feb 5th. Evan is sponsored by Osiris, Hosoi Skateboards, Triple 8, Dairdevil Skateshop, Helmets in Hands & Flashburn Fabrication

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Evan "BIG E" Doherty Skateboarding 2015

Filmed over a only a few days time with a couple of additional clips, here is a look at 12 year old Evan Doherty aka "Big E" , as he showcases vert, bowl, mega, and street.  Evan is sponsored by Birdhouse , Independent, Osiris, Triple 8, 187 Killer Pads, Aura Training Facility, Type S, and Varsity Shades.

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8 year old Skateboarder Evan Doherty "Big E" 's 2011 Skate Video

Watch Big E - Evan Doherty's latest skate footage from the streets and parks of Kansas City - shot over a period of 2 weeks in September 2011. Evan is sponsored by Hosoi Skateboards, Osiris Footwear, Triple 8 Helmets, Dairdevil Skateshop, Flashburn Fabrication, and rides on the Demo Team for Helmets in Hands

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