Slow down, Speed up: J-Bay warm ups

Slow down. Speed up. Do a carve, find a tube. Jeffreys Bay is one of the world’s most complex and beautiful waves. Here, Jeremy Flores, Leonardo Fioravanti, Wiggolly Dantas, Kanoa Igarashi, Connor O’Leary and Ezekiel Zau dig in while warming up for the 2017 J-Bay Open.

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Radical Times in Hawaii

Hawaii. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s reputation may be even bigger and bolder than itself. But all that aside, the enchanted island is diverse. From Muay Thai to Mai Tais, Waimea to Waikiki, Pipeline walls to highline stalls…there is something to suit everyone.  This year, our team attacked every angle. They stayed out late at night and paddled out before the sun. They did turns, punted airs and got barrelled. They rode everything from ten-foot slabs of concrete to twenty-foot slabs of unpredictable water. It was a bonafide Radical Time. So for your enjoyment, we thought we would combine these few weeks of bliss into an edit. Dig in, then start planning a Radical Time of your own to Hawaii — you really do owe it to yourself.

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TOP 10 n°20 : Lords of Downtown drifting around !

Enjoy our TOP 10 N°20 1/ MOTORIZED DRIFT TRIKE AND BLOKART IN 4K - Devin Supertramp - Trike 2/ PARAMOTOR FLYING DOWNTOWN DUBAI - Highlights 2014 of Parabatix - Parabatix Skyrace - Paramotor 3/ TEETERBOARD - Damien Walters and his new jumping toy - Damien Walters - Parkour 4/ 2015 Volcom Pipe Pro - Day 3 highlights - Volcom - Surf 5/ Pyramids: Leap of Wonder 2015 Egypt - Giza: Cedric Dumont - Action - Red Bull - Wingsuit 6/ Vans Argentina - Iñaki Mazza - Vans - BMX 7/ TWO TRICK TEAM FIX - Hoppipolla new snowboard video - Hoppipolla - Snowboard 8/ GOPRO: SYNCHRONIZE SKYDIVE IN DUBAI - Dancing in the sky - GoPro - Skydiving 9/ WILLIE BORM PROFILE - The freestyler interview's for Rockstar - Rockstar - Ski 10/ HONEY POT WHEELS - Adrien Coillard - AM Series - Honey Pots Wheels - Skate

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2015 Volcom Pipe Pro - Day 3 highlights

Highlights from the day 3 of the Volcom Pipe Pro.

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