Return to Balance (girls'only highline)

In June 2013 the female team "G4G Project" opened some new highlines at the heart of the Calanques. Jelena Schradi was getting back on the line after a long break because of pregnancy. It was a challenge for her. She was supported by whole team: Faith Dickey, Anče Kančee Kuchařová and Chloë Roux-Mollard.

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Trident du Tacul Highline

In the shadow of the well-known “Grand Capucin” mountain in the French Mont Blanc Massif a new highline was established by an international team of athletes including Bernhard Witz, Julien Millot, Faith Dickey, Alain Custovic and Thibault Cheval. It is located on a glacier at an elevation of 3610 m. Produced by One World Media LLC

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Faith Dickey Slack Reel 2014

A little reel of shameless self promotion featuring some of my favorite highline moments of Summer, 2014. Turn up your speakers, the soundtrack is rad, and book your ticket to Europe next summer.

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