Florian CATTEZ

Florian CATTEZ

Ice skating

Take a spin with Julia and HTC Re (Sample 1080p Video)

Sample 1080p video recorded in low-light conditions at the ice-skating rink with HTC RE camera.  

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Mountain bike

E1 by Z. 4K UHD interchangeable lens camera

Introducing the E1 Camera from Z: World’s Smallest Interchangeable Lens Ultra-High Definition 4K Camera Interchangeable lens and micro four-thirds sensor, the E1 Camera by Z captures incredible high-quality footage, whether mounted on a drone or operated manually

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TomTom Bandit vs GoPro Hero4 Silver: First Footage

I attended TomTom's press event in the French Alps for its new Bandit action camera. Much more to be done before a final review, but think of this as a good first-look. Read my full hands-on at Outside Magazine.Follow Brent:Twitter: http://twitter.com/brentroseInstagram: http://instagram.com/brentdangerroseWeb: http://www.brentrose.com

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Mountain bike

Mokacam + FLX Day 1: Battle Testing

We've teamed up with Mokacam to get some awesome footage. Here's some quick cuts from our first day testing the Mokacam. Get your Mokacam at http://igg.me/at/mokacam/x/12899095 and your FLX at http://flx.bike/shop We're going to pick up a wearable stabilizer from Mokacam for the next videos to combat the bumpy mountain roads. Following a massive crowdfunding success, Flux Bike is now FLX Bike. Same quality, same values, new name. Have any questions about ebikes? We live for this stuff! Give us a call at +1 (415) 621-9121 or send an email to hello@flx.bike. Connect with us and shape the future of bikes! Go FLX! ► http://flx.bike Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/flxbike Twitter ► https://twitter.com/flxbike Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/flx.bike/ Indiegogo ► http://igg.me/at/fluxbike hone ► +1 (415) 621-9121 Email ► hello@flx.bike

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Action Camera Group Test: GoPro Vs Drift Vs TomTom Vs Olfi Vs JooVuu

Click here for our full verdict: https://www.carthrottle.com/post/is-i... We put a JooVuu X, Olfi, Drift Stealth 2, Drift Ghost S and TomTom Bandit to the test, to see if any of them are worth having over the ubiquitous GoPro when it comes to filming cars. Rather than having all cameras stuck to one setting (1080p would be tempting), we decided instead to set each camera to whichever resolution it looks best at. This meant full quality for the Drift pair at 1080p, full quality for the Olfi and GoPro at 4K, while the JooVuu and TomTom were turned *down* from their top settings to 1080p and 2.7K respectively. We turned down the JooVuu because it’ll only do 2.7K in a 16:9 aspect ratio, and we didn’t bother with the 4K footage on the TomTom as that setting lumbers you with 15FPS, giving horrid, jerky footage. The end result can be seen above in up to 1080p resolution, but don’t think that neutralises the 4K advantage of the Olfi and GoPro and the 2.7K advantage of the TomTom - 2.7 and 4K footage downscaled to 1080p will always look better than 1080p-shot footage.

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Isaw Extreme action camera test - Surfing practice in Budapest (HD 1080P)

Surfing practice at the Palatinus strand - outdoor wave pool, Budapest Hungary. The video taken by Isaw Extreme action camera. -1080P 30/60 FULL HD -2" colour lcd for rec/playback - wifi, HDMI -timelapse,multi file,burst REC. -waterproof 60m -android/ios compatible

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Mountain bike

THE EURO LOOP - Across Europe with Sam Pilgrim

http://www.facebook.com/sampilgrimfan... THE EURO LOOP http://www.instagram.com/swatchandsports I traveled for 3 weeks with my bike to discover iconic places, remote trails and sick riding spots across Europe. Escaping from the rainy United Kingdom with the ferry to France, from Paris to finale ligura to Milan up to Lake Como, crossing Switzerland into the Olympic Park in Munich and then heading back to France through Belgium. This was so much fun to produce and was a truly awesome experience, with some great stories and riding along the way! Shot with Sony FS700 with Odyssey Q7+ / GoPro HERO 5 / GoPro KARMA Filmer: Joe Simkins MUSIC: Heirsofzigardy - Pablo Sanguel https://www.heirsofzigardy.com ENJOY!

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360fly: See What You've Been Missing

Check out the new 360fly commercial and learn more about our game–changing camera and app. Find more details at: 360fly.com

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