How To Do MASSIVE Bunnyhops!

This video is very impressive ! I really liked it because it's well explained, I'm now close to do a very high Bunnyhop !! --- Hi everybody, today's video is all about bunnyhops!  I've seen there are lots of videos on YouTube about how to bunnyhop but I've yet to see one that tells you all the tips needed to get MASSIVE ones. I figured as they're one of my favourite tricks and I can go pretty high (125cm personal best, not seen many people in the world go higher than that) I would try and explain how to do it. I've included the very basics as well as the techniques needed to get 120cm+ so hopefully there's something for everyone. Please give the video a watch and let me know if it helps you, also if you want your own bunnyhop bar to practice on, click the link below to my previous video showing you how to build your own portable, light and cheap bar setup. Don't forget to subscribe and check out my other content. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Find me here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to my sponsors and supporters ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please subscribe here ------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I ride: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vlog Playlist:

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