I was raised on the water and Rock & Roll. Throughout my college day's I immersed myself into the music business. Having attended Columbia College I was fortunate enough through my family's help to own and operate Chicago's most recognized recording studio Chicago Trax. Still having access to tow boats throughout my adolescence, skiing and footin just for fun and having many jobs adjacent to these two cornerstones of my ever evolving career, it was while working at a friends boat shop around 25 years ago to help out, I was asked to do some repo's for extra cash that I encountered my first Kneeboard. Only after a few weeks riding I found I had a natural ability to go big and ride technical pretty quickly. It was during the Budwieser Waterski show that I got my first taste for competition at what they called the Pro/Am Challenge. I did pretty well my first time out and picked up Neptune Boards that day as my first real sponsor. They had asked me to try some more events and if I did well they would give me a full ride the next season. Luckily for me it worked out. So that next season I headed south to ride full time. It was while riding on Lake Howell in Orlando that I met Scott Byerly and his crew and many others driven to innovate and grow. This just fueled my desire to change the way I saw other kneeboarders ride and wanted to go big and technical the way I saw the wakeboarders I rode with. This created a niche in the kneeboard world for me. So I stayed on it and made it happen. The rest is history from there to here 25 years later I find myself with the same passion to help push kneeboarding to the next level.

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