Protest - Prepare To Get There - Rooftop Surfing

Gaspard gets that forgiveness is easier than permission when surfing the rooftops of his parent’s home. Wondering what they will say when seeing this video. How do you prepare to get there? Don’t let anything stand between you and your board. Get out and prepare yourself to get there.#preparetogetthere

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Last minute trip to colder seas with Gaspard Larsonneur. Always good to escape from home even for a few days. Thanks Protest and Nixon. Edited by Martin Viezzer | Hocus Focus

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Winter Breaks - Ep1 - Gaspard Larsonneur & Tristan Guilbaud

What do we say to winter? Not today!!! A winter escape by Tristan & Gaspard // A production Hocus-Focus by Ronan Gladu & Martin Viezzer.

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Teaser - CORIDE Surf Ambassador Video Contest 2015

We organize in partnership with RidersMatch the first Surf video contest to recruit our new ambassador. The principle? Make a video introducing you, showing  you are good rider, and above all the best to represent CoRide throughout the year. We will elect among the best videos ambassador CoRide 2015. His role? Share experience, advise, and represent CoRide! € 1,000 to win for the ambassador and a GoPro bracelet for video getting the most votes. Upload your video from April 13 and made friends vote from April 20 to May 26!

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Gas'part en Bretagne

Gas'part (Larsonneur) en Bretagne Un autre surfeur made in Breizh qui a joint le contest video Surf Match 2014 Un film de surf de toute beauté. Les vagues sont belles, les rides de surfing sont très beaux ! A voir et à revoir Filmé et réalisé par Martin Viezzer Musique : Artic Monkeys - Are U mine

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Best of Surf Match #1 - Vote now !

This edit compiles some awesome footages from videos uploaded in the Surf Match. Votes start on november 1st, stay tuned ! Music by : Sugar - Faithful

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Day 3 - Highlight Sooruz Lacanau Pro - surf

Live the 3rd day of the Sooruz Lacanau Pro as if you were right on the beach.

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