Gisela Pulido wins 2013 PKRA World Championship

After 8 consecutive world championship titles, Gisela Pulido ended third in 2012's season for the first time in her athlete's history. In order to gain her thrown back, she went a camp in Orlando to gain power and improve her tricks under low wind conditions.  She was first on 7 of the 8 stops of 2013's World Tour and therefore has won her 9th Championship.

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"DIVA" @ProKite Brasil

During season 2015 in ProKite Brasil is Uruau we hosted more than few talented female PRO kitesurfers, so the idea striked us to make an ultimate female freestyle video aaaand here it is!!! DIVAS: Annabel van Westerop, Annelous Lammerts, Gisela Pulido, Paula Novotna, Kristiin Oja & Malin AmleMUSIC: Beyonce: DivaCAMERA & EDIT: Laci Kobulsky kobulsky.comPRODUCTION: ProKite Brasil 2015

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European Junior Kitesurf Comp 2012

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Mondial du Vent - Nautic Video Awards 2014

This video is engaged in the Nautic Video Awards 2014 Follow the video contest here : Mondial du Vent NVA

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