Belharra à la rame, 7 janvier 2014 : avec Shane Dorian, Sancho, Jamie Mitchell...

Retour sur la journée mémorable du 7 janvier 2013 à Belharra, avec Shane Dorian, Jamie Mitchell, Grant "Twiggy" Baker, Peyo Lizarazu, Sancho, Stéphane Iralour... + sur

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In The Moment - 4K - Grant 'Twiggy' Baker in Puerto Escondido, May 2015

Big wave surfer Grant 'Twiggy' Baker describes his experience in Puerto Escondido during the historical swell that hit in early May 2015.  In the Moment is an original series of shorts by Maverick Moments. Produced by The Go Big Project.

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Maverick Moments : Against The Grain : Grant 'Twig' Baker : Puerto Escondido : May 5, 2015 : 4K

Grant 'Twiggy' Baker getting barreled at the 'Mexican Pipeline.' Shot on May 3, 2015. Surfer: Grant 'Twiggy' Baker Filmed by: Alexey Orlov Produced by: Maverick Moments & The Go Big Project

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