The Night Harvest 2016

The Night Harvest is a dirt jump event hosted at Potato Trails every year. 2016 was the best year yet with a stacked rider line up, amazing trails and rad crowd. Edit: Thomas Sandell Film: Thomas Sandell and Kevin Schnider.

3:52 7 7,468


Greg Illingworth - Irritable Bowl Syndrome

Greg Illingworth has Irritable Bowl Syndrome. He gets agitated if he goes too long without riding a bowl in some shape or form. “I absolutely love riding bowls.” Says Greg, “I moved to London this year and now have 4 completely different bowls within riding distance from my house. I ended up riding tons of bowls this year and it just made sense to film an all bowl edit.” You’ll also get to see him hit a legendary spot in Japan. So watch how Greg cures his IBS. Music: "Second Assault" by Horisont Filmed and Edited by Fraser Byrne Additional Filming by Robin Pearson

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