Guillaume Chastagnol new video : Why I don't like the flat s

A special message from Guillaume : "It's been a while without any news, we were pretty busy to cruise around some new spots for snowkiting. The conditions in France are just tooooo good, we'd cold weather for two mounths, and storms every 2 or 3 days.right now it's getting warm cause it's spring time, but I'm looking out the window,and it's snowwing again. I think the season will not finish until end of may this year. I love the global warming I think, we get more snow than ever and more wind. so here I finally finished a video from some of our footage before the Redbull video shooting in Turky, I hope you'll enjoy it, I just put the steep stuff we got, i'm bored to see videos with flat, also that's why you'll see me snowbaording down a little bit more. thanks to GG for the helmet cam and my wife Titaua and my daughter Kailea who were filming sometimes between two sessions. so stay tune for more video and news from Turky ! ". We'll give you some news of Guillaume very soon on Riders Match ! --------------------------------- Why I don't like the flat spot, well..... Filmé dans le spot familial de Serre Chevalier. Guillaume est actuellement en partance pour la Turquie où la team Redbull prépare un nouveau shooting...

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