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Hossegor Air Show Intense 21/07/2017

Première étape du Hossegor Air Show 2017!!! De plus en plus haut, de plus en plus intense!!!! Riders surf : PV Laborde et Guillaume Mangiarotti Riders Jet ski : Lorris Monge, Thibaud Sarochar et Alex Mangiarotti. Prochaine édition août 2017... soyez prêt!!!

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Surf Legend : les invités de Tom Curren

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Sumo tube party / Hossegor / La Gravière / Aqua Board L

Surfing action with Sumo Tube and other buoys. Aqua Board L is a crew of guys trying to have fun in the water around Hossegor in south West of France. You can follow their adventure here : Facebook : Aqua Board L Instagram : @aquaboardL Thank's Sportsstuff for the support Filmed and edited : Aqua Board L Music : EXGF- We are the hearts

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Cheezy Duck a passé pas mal de temps dans l'eau du côté de Hossegor/Capbreton l'an passé. Voici un premier aperçu de l'année 2015 (de Janvier jusqu'au ProFrance) ... la seconde partie suivra très prochainement ... Images : CheezyDuck Chokolatine Prod insta & FB : @chokolatineprod son : Jacques Brel (la valse à mille temps)

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The Mangiarotti Festival of Tubes

When it gets solid in Hossegor there's a limited number of people you can rely on charging no matter what. When it does, likelihood is you'll find the Mangiarotti brothers threading a tube or two. "The conditions where big that evening and the guys where charging," says Ludovik Champagne of this December 1st session, which he filmed from the shore. "It was a really nice moment to watch and capture." The conditions where big that evening and the guys where charging.Between La Nord and La Gravière, Guillaume was towed and film simultaneously by his brother Alex. "This angle is really fun – I think to watch and for sure to make," says Guillaume. "My brother was driving (the ski) and filming at the same time so it's a real challenge for him. He's an amazing driver who always needs challenge to have fun." This session landed in the middle of what has, by all accounts, been an epic run of swell to kick off winter. "It has been totally crazy, awesome weather and pumping waves," he continues. "It isn't even the middle of December yet but for sure it's the best month of the year for me."

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[TOP 10 N° 43] Magical surf session in the desert

1/ Antonym - Beyond the Waters — by O’Neill - Surf 2/ The Hallstatt Wind Down - Fabio Wibmer — by LM Media Kollektiv - BMX 3/ PASSENGER - Official Teaser 4K — by Legs of Steel - Ski 4/ Aurélien Fontenoy - Puy du Fou — by Puy du Fou - MTB 5/ Vive la République — by Flying Frenchies - Wingsuit 6/ Get Crusher — by Flaneurz - Roller 7/ Ashes to Agassiz - Official Trailer [4K] — by Monster Energy - MTB 8/ Tom Pagès Incredible 1st Place Run - Red Bull X-Fighters 2015 — by Red Bull - FMX 9/ Parkour and Freerunning 2015 - Hold On — by Stuntsamazing - Parkour 10/ Hossegor Air Show #2 – 2015 — by Crazy-X-Surf – Surf / Jet Ski

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Jet ski

Hossegor Air Show #2 - 2015

2ème édition du Hossegor Air Show. Jet Ski vs. Surfeurs Avec Guillaume Mangiarotti, PV Laborde, Gil Beurnier. Starring Spider Man, Super Man et Captain America. Tow out avec Alex Mangiarotti. Musique - Malik Production - Aqua Board-L & SOUTHWEST Réalisation Comm'On Prod Films. Merci aux partenaires :  FreeRide Company Office de Tourisme d'Hossegor TVPI France Bleu Gascogne XL Mag Culture Sud

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Canap' Surfing - Hossegor

Canap' Surfing - Hossegor L'équipe d'AquaBoard-L a décidé de ne pas se lever de son canapé pour cette session de surf! Avec Julian Reichman, Fred David, Guillaume Mangiarotti, Gildas Love, ALex Mangiarotti Réalisation - Comm'On Prod Films Musique - Shinkicker "Space" En partenariat avec SOUTHWEST

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