World Tour dreams with surfing phenom Hiroto Arai

Hiroto Arai left Japan when he was 12 years old to move to Lennox Head, Australia with one goal in mind - to be the first Japanese surfer to win the World Tour. With his drive, commitment, and ability to rip in all conditions, there's nothing holding back the Japanese phenom from success. 

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Red Bull presents The japanese prodigy: Hiroto Arai - Surf

Hiroto Arai is one of the most young and uprising surfers right now. He left Japan when he was 12 years, and now resides in Lennox Head, Australia, where he has found his place to improve his technique and mentality. In this clip, we reveal how this 18 year old is striving to becoming the best - to become the first Japanese to win the WT by showing his daily routine with his host family, training, meeting his fellow surfers and shaper, etc

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