Açai. I was recently at a APB World Tour event in Brazil called the "Itacoatiara Pro" where i had all of the top bodyboarders competing right under my nose. I decided to take full advantage of this air show by whipping out the old cam cam and gathering as much footage as my memory card would allow! These guys put there bodies on the line at each leg of the APB World Tour just as much as the guys on the WSL for far less of the money and glamour but equally for the love of the ocean. Now that I am back home I've chopped and chewed up the footage and this is what I've managed to spit out. RIDERS: JARED HOUSTON, IAIN CAMPBELL(current world no. 1), TRISTAN ROBERTS, WILDER SCHULTS, LEWY FINNEGAN, TANNER MCDANIEL, JACOB ROMERO and DAVID HUBBARD. Filmed and Edited by: Me. Song: STRFKR-being no one, going nowhere.

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