Space Monkeys - Original Kitesurfing Movie

Space Monkeys was the first big video production of the kite industry, realized by the fantastic Chris Tronolone and featured the top of the freestyle stars of the time, around the year of 2002. Jaime Herraiz, Jeff Tobias, Will James and Martin Vari, the second emperor of the handle passes after Lou Wainman, end up on the Los Roques archipelago to show the world what they can do! To tell the truth, the first “real” kitesurfing video was called “The Power Zone” and it featured Pete Cabrinha, Chris Gilbert and others… but unfortunately, despite a deep immersion in the abyss of the web, no trace of what has been a revelation for many of us. Those images have taken control of our subconscious and our lifes have radically changed to live and breathe with kiteboarding. Let’s enjoy these precious images and moments!

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The Evolution of Strapless Kitesurfing

The Evolution of Strapless Kitesurfing, in Jaime Herraiz´ words: "These guys have picked up what we had and created a full sport!" Follow the wave riding elite through time and learn about the personal strapless journeys of Airton, Matchu, Sebastian and Patri.

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Jaime Herraiz speaks about the beginning of kitesurfing through several generations of rider

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