Cambridge Parkour POV - James Kingston

Take a view from the rooftops in our POV Parkour video of Cambridge, UK. Captured by Ampisound team member, James Kingston, we wanted to produce a video that showed some clean movement at a few of the choice spots in the city. New video every week so subscribe for more! -Music- Tourist - Placid Acid If you liked it, you should buy it here! Find out more about Ampisound Become an Ampisound fan! See some more of James at his channel Add James on facebook! A lot of people have said that this reminds them of Mirrors Edge, it might have been deliberate! All I can say is if you work at EA/DICE, get in touch - scott [at]

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Hanging out in Dubai... literally. | James Kingston: POV Adventures |

Hanging out above the Marina on a recent trip to Dubai :) Check out my shop!! Add me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! Also on Instagram! Music by CABU - Press/licensing enquiries:

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TOP 10 n°40: A new Top 10 full of colors !

TOP 10 n°40 Enjoy our TOP 10 n°40: A new Top 10 full of colors ! #1 – FAI - World Record Wingsuit Formation - 42 Wingsuit Pilots - 18 June 2015 (Wingsuit) By Jarno Cordia #2 – PAINT | A NEVER BEFORE SEEN FILM | Action Cam | Sony (BMX) Riders: Keelan Philips By Sony #3 – Monster Energy – 'COPENHAGEN' (Skate) Riders: Shane O'neill By Monster Energy #4 – Tricolour (Parkour) By Vladimir Koldaev #5 – Afterlife Teaser (Snowboard) By The grindhouse #6 – Pierre Louis Costes – BANZAI (Bodyboard) Riders: Pierre-Louis Costes By Rip Curl #7 – Get Lifted (Kitesurf) Riders: James Ropner By Patrick REBSTOCK #8 – "DREAMING" ft Pat Bowden - FMX by Aussie Adrenaline (FMX) Riders: Tye Marshall and Pat Bowden By Aussie Adrenaline #9 – John John Florence in Australia – 2015 (Surf) Riders: John John Florence By John Wiley #10 – Climbing Wembley Arch | James Kingston: POV Adventures | (Climbing) By James Kingston Best action sport videos now on ‪ Subscribe to Riders Match ! YouTube : Facebook : ‪‬ Twitter : ‪!/ridersmatch‬ Google + : ‪

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Climbing Wembley Arch | James Kingston: POV Adventures |

T-shirts & posters here: Add me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! Also on Instagram! Launching EE’s new 4GEE Action Cam – the world’s first live-streaming 4G action camera. This stunt was carried out with the full permission of Wembley Stadium’s safety and security teams – all necessary health and safety measures were in place and it certainly comes with a ‘don’t try this at home’ warning!

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Exploring the Sepulveda Dam in LA | James Kingston: POV Adventures |

Jumping & climbing around the Sepulveda Dam with my buddy Josh out in LA. What an awesome place!

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