North Shore // Oahu // Hawaii

SURFERS// Koa Rothman Nathan Florence Rolando Montes Jamie O'brien Barron Mamiya

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MONSTER WAVES at THE WEDGE. (EDIT) April 22, 2017 Jamie O'Brien (JOB)

Crazy day at the wedge. The early morning high tide was creating a make or break back wash. If you made it over you could either have a huge backwash flare or a wave throwing you to the sand and breaking your surfboard. Yes that all happened at least a few times.

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GoPro: Best of Surfline GoPro of the World 5 Contest

Back at it again this year for the 5th installment of the Surfline GoPro of the World contest. Surfers from all over the world submitted their best waves for the chance to claim the title in these 3 categories: Best Wave, Capture Different and Best Photo.  

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Thunder Down Under - Catch Surf

The Catch Surf team heads to Australia for some good times and of course party waves! Jamie O'brien, Kalani Robb, Tyler Stanaland and Johnny Redmond join up with OZ riders Beau Cram, Zane Westwood and Harry Bryant to tackle the Australian coastline from Sydney to the Goldie. For more coverage of the trip and Catch goodness click over to . Music: Future Islands - Vireo's Eye La Femme - Mycose Ty Segall - Standing at the Station

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Teahupo’o, Du Ciel - Drone video

A awesome drone video about le incredible wave of teahupoo Filmed by Eric Sterman & Brent Bielmann Produced by Peter Taras Edited by Sean Benik Music by Brigitte Fontaine "Le Goudron" Surfers: Matahi Drollet Koa Rothman Nathan Florence Oliver Kurtz Russel Bierke Jamie O'Brien Niccolo Porcella


Day Like this - Jamie O'Brien

Jamie O’Brien is not like most surfers. Call him Antisocial or even over -social, Jamie is the personification of a paradox. Publicly against competitions, he is also one of the most mediatised surfer out there, most notably with his web series “ Who is job”. Regardless of the fame, Jamie lives in front of one the best waves on the planet, “ Pipeline”, and is a standout at every session. French photographer & Desillusion Magazine editor in chief, Sebastien Zanella spent 24 hours with the man during one of the most powerful days on the north shore, Hawaii, to capture his raw spirit. This short film is based on the article “days like this” published in Desillusion Magazine 45 , Tome 1 available on

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Jamie O'Brien Surfs at Night While Being Lit with Lume Cubes on a DJI Phantom 3

Watch as Jamie O'Brien shreds the night away with the help from Eric Sterman and his new Lume Cube Drone Mounts for his DJI Phantom 3 as well as additional #litbylume footage from Damien Robertson. Lume Cube. It's the world's most versatile light.

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Quiksilver in Memory Eddie Aikau - Thursday 25th February 2016

Ajoutée le 26 févr. 2016 After 31 Years, The 2016 “Eddie” Goes Down as the Biggest in History.

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