We follow Banks Journal Comrade Jared Mell down through Central America as he explores some empty waves joined by filmmaker George Trimm. For more behind the scenes action and an interview with the filmmaker follow the link: CREDITS directed by GEORGE TRIMM starring JARED MELL produced by RAMA MCCABE filmed by GEORGE TRIMM edited by GEORGE TRIMM music by FORBIDDEN TRIM BAND executive producer MASAHIRO SHIBAHARA

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The Adventures of Jared Mell

Not many people embody the true spirit of California the way Jared Mell does. With an outlook on life so laid back it's practically horizontal and a carefree approach to surfing which oozes class and style, Jared has forged his own way of life.  Director Josh Penn Soskin brings us a beautifully crafted insight into Jared's world, a world without rules and without destinations. A world with an open road.

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