Jason PAUL

Bangkok, TH



26 years old

1.78 m


My Freerunning-Journey started at 14 when I stumbled across a video of men scaling buildings and jumping across rooftops in Paris. Seeing grown-ups do what I’ve only known from my gaming- and comic-book heroes inspired me and sent me on a journey across 30 countries to where I am today.

Understanding what a single spark of inspiration can do I found my passion in creating unique and entertaining content. I think choosing only projects I want to do with all my heart makes the difference between good and great. It’s what inspires people to venture out themselves.

Having shot Freerunning from Los Angeles to Tokyo I understand what makes a great story and I love making new experiences with creative minds from all areas.

Traveling, meeting new people and seeing places is what excites me and if you have an idea for an adventure just let me know! Let’s create something fun!"


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