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Top 10 Extreme Sports | BEST OF THE WEEK | 2017 n°12 - Riders Match

1 / PARKOUR/ StorrorBlog - ROOF CULTURE ASIA - Official Theatrical Trailer 2/ MTB / Red Bull - The First Ever Backflip Superman One Hand Seatgrab | Szymon Godziek's Extension Man 3/ BODYBOARD / Bodyboard Xtreme - BodyboardTahiti | Manea Fabish Profile 4/ WAKE AND SURF FOIL / Horue Movie - Wake Park Foil Surfing | Hydrofoil - Horue Movie / Wakeboard and Surf foil 5/ PARKOUR AND BODY TRAINING / Dominik Sky - BEST OF DOMINIK SKY - Free running Calisthenics compilation! 6/ SKI / Line Skis - The 2018 Tom Wallisch Pro -- The Award-Winning Freestyle Ski from Tom and LINE 7/ WINDSURF / NeilPryde Wind - NeilPryde 2018 Collection 8/ WAKEBOARD / slingshot sports - Aaron Gunn at Home - 2017 9/ SKATE / cOLLAPSe skateboards - cOLLAPSe Bro'Pool Party ! 10/ KITESURF / Cabrinha Kitesurfing - 2018 Product Shoot - THE MOVIE (Cabrinha Kitesurfing 2018)

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NeilPryde 2018 Collection

We all have individual ambitions — whether it’s planing for the first time, beating a friend to the buoy or winning a World Championship. Each of us defines our own goals and success but we are all connected by a unifying sense of victory. At NeilPryde, our mission is to inspire you in your own personal achievement, and to provide you with the best equipment to attain it. We understand winning in the water—about combining cutting edge designs with high performance materials. If we can’t find something we need, then we’ll invent it. This year, we usher in a whole new level of performance by reinventing how a sail is made. Take a look, and find your own win — whatever that may be. We only play to win.

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Maui Windsurfing Sessions drone 2016

Maui Windsurfing Sessions drone 2016 Riders: Robby Swift, Ricardo Campello, Levi Siver, Ross Williams, Jake Miller, Kevin Pritchard, Marcllio Browne, Jason Polakow, Morgan Noieraux, Robby Naish, Jake Schettewi Filmed and edited by @epicopter (Idan Shemtov) Thanks to Yarden Meir for helping with the edit Song: Finley Quaye - Sunday Shining Enjoy!

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Jason Polakow Windsurfing Nazare XXL

02.02.2016. With the strongest winds of the day we saw RedBull rider Jason Polakow and his crew (Hugo Vau and Andrew Cotton) trying to manage impressive waves on this big day at Nazare's Praia do Norte (Portugal). Worth to check it out! Web Contact

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Best of Aloha Classic 2015

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Jaws, Peahi - Monsterous Waves 1.4.2016

Monster Waves at #JAWS #PEAHI (Video) Aloha all, and thanks for watching this short video of JAWS Peahi Maui yesterday. The waves were incredibly huge so I decided to make a day of it. Arial video was shot with the #DJIPhantomProfessional and additional footage with the Panasonic FZ1000. Please comment down below if you can identify any of the watermen in this video. I know Kai Lenny was rippin it with the red/black wetsuit! So amazing moments throughout the day and tons of carnage as well. I wish I'd gotten some shots of Bethany Hamilton but as she was charging it, my batteries in all cameras were toast! Ahhh, hopefully next time! What an amazing young woman she is! Hope you guys enjoy the video!

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Team NP/JP on Défi Wind 2015

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Fiji Madness - Jason Polakow Chronicles

In this newest episode of the Jason Polakow Chronicles, the big wave legend traveled to Fiji to ride one of his favorite waves on the planet: Cloudbreak. The conditions could have not been better: long walls of water, steep drops and perfect wind. Basically just as good as it gets.

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